The Player Review | Round 17 V Dockers

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Written by Rhys Knight

The last fortnight for the Hawks have attracted more attention than arguably any non-finals time in a very long time. Silk played his 400th, the future of the Hawks’ coaching caper was announced and with all that going on off field, it hasn’t achieved the results Hawks fans love to see. Fremantle had their biggest ever win over the Hawks in the 24 years they’ve been in the league and the boys in brown and gold have got some soul searching to do. Here’s your player review for Round 17. 

Tom Mitchell: 

Found the footy like only Titch can with another 39 disposals (ten contested) and had seven clearances but some of his defensive efforts left a little to be desired. Fremantle sent Caleb Serong to Jaeger which was a huge statement on where Fremantle thought they could be hurt and with three inside 50’s, three rebounds and 82% efficiency, Titch only had one score involvement but had over 400 metres gained. 


James Worpel: 

Jimmy had had a really good fortnight coming in but the struggles of a defined role are creeping back in. 18 touches for the Worpedo was okay, four score involvements and inside 50’s, had five contested possessions, kicked 1.2 and laid three tackles but the concern was zero clearances. Jimmy can be a clearance king moving forward so fingers crossed he bounces back. 


Ben McEvoy 

The skipper’s role has changed over the last month and we’d really love to know why. To have just eight hit-outs is mind boggling but six contested possessions, five score involvements, four marks, three tackles and three clearances are good numbers but put the better ruckman in the ruck maybe? 


Sam Frost: 

Josh Treacy and Rory Lobb combined for 6.4 on the weekend so Frosty has to take some of that accountability on his shoulders. Seven marks from Frosty was a plus (three of them contested) but of all the forwards to dominate the Hawks, we let Rory Lobb and Josh Treacy take the proverbial out of us? What?!? 90% efficiency as well for Frosty was good to see. 


Shaun Burgoyne: 

Silk did what Silk does with clean disposal and with the injuries to Scrim and CJ, he will play the year out. Averaged an amazing 29.58 metres gained on just a dozen disposals which was fantastic but let’s just celebrate the legend that is Silk as he becomes the 19th Hawk to depart from the 2015 premiership side, with just Jack Gunston, Ben McEvoy and Liam Shiels yet. 


Jaeger O’Meara: 

Had more tackles than any other Hawk (7) but Caleb Serong humbled his influence around the ball so full credit to last year’s Rising Star but the Hawks star just had the 14 touches on Saturday. He did get his hands dirty with ten contested touches, five clearances and three inside 50’s but got caught with the footy a few times and had six clangers. 


Conor Nash: 

His first three touches were absolute nightmares with turnovers but his last 13 were solid. Playing more as a midfielder like he did at Box Hill in the lead up to his re-calling to the senior side, he had five inside 50’s, four marks, a couple of clearances and a couple of tackles. 50% efficiency is the worry and injuries probably help him keep his spot but he is under the pump. 


Ollie Hanrahan: 

Ollie was the medical sub and came on for Scrimma and didn’t really have an impact. For an hour, he had just three handballs (which were all effective) and a couple of score involvements. 


Jack Scrimshaw: 

Was subbed out of the game with concussion which is a shame because he was dominating early on and a big reason the Hawks looked somewhat stable in the first half of the first quarter. In that first quarter, he had eight disposals, four marks, two inside 50’s and two rebounds and was on his way to a best on ground performance. Get better soon Scrim. 


Lachlan Bramble: 

How good has this young man’s last fortnight been!? Following his very good performance last week, the mature aged SPP selection just went to an elite level on Saturday. 27 disposals (seven contested), eight rebound 50’s, six marks, 85% efficiency, 550 metres gained (146 more than any other Hawk), 16 pressure acts (career high), six intercepts and the Talking Hawks best on ground for Round 17. 


Daniel Howe: 

Cannot knock anything that Howie has done since the bye with his form being genuinely amazing but he was criminally quiet on Saturday. From 16 touches and a goal against Port, 31 and nine marks against the Giants and 23 (ten marks) against Essendon, he had ten touches against the Dockers, five marks, three tackles and three rebounds. 


Jonathan Ceglar: 

For the second week in a row, Cegs was the No.1 ruck around the ground and as much as we can laud 13 disposals at 92%, eight marks (two contested), three clearances and 23 hitouts, Sean Darcy will get the three votes for genuinely dominating the game and that’s on his opponents as well. Wasn’t near the Hawks worst was Cegs but when your opponent dominates, there’s got to be some accountability. 


Tom Phillips: 

Has been quiet in the last few weeks but had his best game for a while but still wasn’t a swashbuckling performance. Had 17 touches (15 kicks) at 76%, Flip had 268 metres gained, took seven marks and found some good space on the outside but only the two score involvements for Flip. 


Luke Breust: 

Not sure if Punky is playing with a niggle or is out of form but the leading goal-kicker had  a tough day on Saturday afternoon. Fremantle have played him really well in both games in 2021 so credit to them but 11 touches at 45% efficiency isn’t the greatest reading but six score involvements was a positive. 


Liam Shiels: 

Thought he went under the radar a little bit was clean, efficient and stuck his tackles. 22 touches at 90%, five tackles, four intercepts, three clearances, 16 pressure acts and nine contested possessions. Like most Hawk midfielders, he got most of his touches in the back half but was one of the better Hawks on Saturday. 


Kyle Hartigan: 

Same accountability for Frosty; Treacy and Lobb had 6.4 on the day and that’s firmly on the key backs. Five marks and three rebounds are fine enough but the former Crow was continually out-marked and a lack of speed was exposed on Saturday afternoon. 


Changkuoth Jiath: 

CJ had a really good three quarters before going down with a PCL injury that will see him likely sidelined for the rest of the season which is heartbreaking for Hawthorn as a footy team and the fans who have adopted him as a favourite son. 18 touches, seven marks, seven intercept possessions, six rebounds, four tackles (most pleasing for us at TH) and six one-percenters. Recover well CJ. 


Damon Greaves: 

The late inclusion for Blake Hardwick, the ‘Greaver’ played a much better game than last week. Had 20 touches but looked more composed than he has all year, went at 85% efficiency, took five marks, had five rebound 50’s, laid three tackles and had 391 metres gained (ranking third for the Hawks). Had eight turnovers but was really stiff with some players out marked from his kicks and dropping a couple didn’t help. 


Jacob Koschitzke: 

We here at Talking Hawks know that Kosi is a full pre season from ripping the competition apart but he played Griffen Logue really well on Saturday. Six marks (two contested), six contested possessions, three score involvements and two goals was a very tidy return from one of (if not) the Hawks most exciting under 21 year olds. 

Dylan Moore: 

Talking Hawks alumni and author of this project (Rhys) has been alone in the Dylan Moore fan club when he was an up and comer and now that he’s built it, the fans have come. Becoming a better high half forward by the week, Moore had 19 disposals (which he almost seems to be good for per week), nine contested touches, five score involvements, five tackles, three marks, a couple of clearances, 94% efficiency and a very classy goal. Has been the most improved Hawk of 2021. 


Denver Grainger-Barras: 

Our man took a handful of grabs on Saturday amongst a quiet nine touches but still looks comfortable at the level. After being concussed, he was always going to take some time to get back but will be better for the run. Used the footy well too which is a plus. 


Emerson Jeka: 

After a fortnight earlier in the year where Jek struggled to adjust, he was much better in game number three. After seven behinds in the VFL leading in, he kicked straight with a set shot and an on the run goal thanks to Lachie Bramble. He had another two score involvements for the game and took three marks. Should keep his spot for sure. 


Tyler Brockman: 

‘Welcome back Brocky’ the collective Hawks fans cried as the No.42 was back on the park and he strutted his stuff. He did look rusty early but worked into the game beautifully with his 14 touches, seven contested possessions, four score involvements, three clearances, a couple of inside 50’s and went at 74%. Is a lock for the future is Brocky and we can’t wait to see more of him. 


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