Talking Hawks are excited to sponsor DGB in 2021!

Talking Hawks are excited to sponsor DGB in 2021!

Read on to join us in sponsoring Denver

Here’s AFL journo Cal Twomey’s pre-draft look at Denver Grainger-Barras

Let’s take a look!

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The Facts

Recruited from: Swan Districts, WAFL / Kalamunda

Position: Tall Defender

Height: 195cm

Weight: 78kg

DOB: 17/04/02

Pick: #6 2020 AFL Draft





It seems Clarko may have helped Shaggy stick!

What Others are saying...

Why are Talking Hawks doing this?

We want to put some money back into the club.  By supporting an emerging player it gives us as fans that little bit more to cheer on through 2021 and you can feel good investing in the Hawks future success.

By organising a player sponsorship, we are giving a few fans the chance to be in the Talking Hawks inner sanctum and perhaps sponsor a player for the first time.

We are raising $4,000 to go to Hawthorn Football Club.

  • $2,395 will sponsor Denver Grainger-Barras
  • $995-1,500 will sponsor another emerging player, eg. Downie, Brockman
  • The remainder will go to the Hawthorn Football Club Foundation

We are starting with 2021 player sponsorship and anticipate ongoing sponsorship through DGB’s career.  This opportunity is open to a small, exclusive group and will be on a “first-in, best dressed” basis.

You all set? Let’s do this 

Join a small group of fans to sponsor Denver Grainger-Barras and by clicking the donate button.

We use mycause, a leading Australian fundraising and crowdfunding platform.  This handles all donations and provides tracking and transparency for all funds donated.

mycause takes a small portion of donations or you can nominate to pay for that on top.

Check the fundraising progress at  mycause.

You can share on social media when you donate in mycause to encourage others to consider joining us.  If you didn’t share on social media, then check the receipt you are emailed to share on social media from there.

Flashes of DENVER...

After being drafted, on a brief phone call to Sicily, Denver told him “I’d probably have to fight [Sicily] for some sunscreen given we’re both a bit paler so we will have to have a battle there!” Source: HFC

The Hawks IGTV videos below give another side of Denver… take a stroll with the young man and then join Tom Phillips when DGB surprises him (wait until the 2 minute mark 😂😂😂

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Following Denver GB

We will keep pumping up DGB’s tyres through 2021, supporting Denver’s journey this year and beyond via Talking Hawks livestream shows.

While a cat nap is good, don’t get caught napping on this… donate now! 

Clarkson at Tom Mitchell's 2018 Brownlow speech

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We want to give back to the Hawthorn Football Club and help connect fans to make it easier for them to follow the Hawks online.

Follow us on social media and join us on livestreams for regular updates.

Get onboard the DGB train with us! 

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