The Player Review | Round 19 v Crows

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 Written by Rhys Knight

To have most of the game go well for the Hawks but have the scoreboard not reflect we were after was frustrating but we have to dust ourselves off, take a look back on what was, before we can move onto the next challenge, which the fixture says Brisbane at Adelaide Oval. However, here is the player review for the loss to the Crows. 

Mitch Lewis

One of the harder performances to judge was Mitch because if you asked TH would we love him to kick three, have five score involvements, four marks and a couple of tackles? Absolutely! What about four clangers, a couple of frees against and some dropped marks? Frustrating but more than encouraging. He and Kosi are getting valuable games together. 


Tom Mitchell

Titch was back to his handballing ‘best’, having 18 amongst his 29 disposals. Went at 75% efficiency, had nine tackles, five clearances, four score involvements, kicked a goal and was (as per usual) one of the best Hawks. Never gives up and the defensive part of his game continues to impress. 


James Worpel

Fans have given the Worpedo some stick for some failed ‘don’t argue’s’ but we are fans of players willing to take it on, rather than be passive and take a step back. The Worpedo had 28 disposals, nine inside 50’s, five score involvements, four tackles, four clearances, a goal, 21 pressure acts and 529 metres gained (second highest for the Hawks). Fingers crossed his disposal improves over the summer but his heart and soul and ability to play angry is magnificent. 


Ben McEvoy

A ruckman had 50% of his disposals as kicks and went at 92% efficiency? Is this real life right now? Anyway, the skipper had 19 hitouts, eight contested possessions, six marks, four clearances, three tackles, three score involvements and a ripping set shot goal. Does the skipper need a rest towards the end of the year? Still playing good footy too. 


Sam Frost

Oh Frosty, how intriguing you are to watch and how frustrating it can be as well. Six clangers including two nightmare ones were the poor form of the night but he also had 17 disposals, four score involvements, four marks and went at 76% efficiency. But oh, the frustration. 


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Shaun Burgoyne

The best medical sub in AFL history, Silk came on and had four good touches. He had a clearance and an inside 50 but he will get a N/A as it’s too harsh to grade less than a quarter of football. 

Jaeger O’Meara

Defensively, was very sound with 27 pressure acts, eight tackles and thirteen contested possessions but made an impact offensively too, with 392 metres gained, eight clearances, six score involvements and 71% disposal efficiency. Not a lot of fans are giving him the respect for his performance but he was great. 


Jack Scrimshaw

Scrimma came back after the AFL’s concussion protocol and was solid without being spectacular. 16 disposals at 93% was the epitome of his composure and took five marks. Scrim is quickly becoming a fan favourite and four score involvements from a half back flanker is a tick and will be better for the run. 


Blake Hardwick

Dimma was back in town and his footy brain was rusty early but got better the longer the night went on. Went at 94% from his 18 disposals with six marks and four rebounds. Was a decent return from a little layoff and will be better for the run. Played on Ned McHenry at times and Lachie Murphy and kept them pretty quiet. 


Lachie Bramble

How impressive is this young man? Isaac Smith’s old number is on the young man’s back and he is taking it and running it. Run first and kick later is a breath of fresh air but is still a good field kick. 17 kicks from 25 disposals, six inside 50’s, five rebound 50’s and four tackles for the young man is a great piece of the Hawthorn future. 


Daniel Howe

Dan the Man covered a lot of ground on Saturday night and had his moments. Used his hands nicely but ball use killed him at times. Brodie Smith and Paul Seedsman were elite on the wings and he played a wing role. Wasn’t the Hawks worst by any stretch but his opponents got the better of him. 20 disposals, four marks and three tackles read his day. 


Chad Wingard 

The Chad had a ripping game with beautiful entries into the forward half (see his kick to Brocky for reference) and played with a lot of heart. Take what you will of he and Kosi’s chat at three quarter time but Chad left nothing on the table. 24 disposals, eight clearances, six inside 50’s, six score involvements, five tackles, 83% efficiency and 462 metres gained are unreal numbers. 


Tom Phillips

Flip played some half forward and some wing and made himself dangerous with 15 disposals, five score involvements, four marks, a couple of clearances and a couple of goals but would have loved to have seen a bit more. He turned the ball over at times, only went at 60% and on a day where taking territory and trying to hit forward targets were the weakness, hard to bump up the rating. 


Luke Breust

The Hawks leading goal-kicker only added a single goal to his tally but did have six score involvements. Tom Doedee and Jake Kelly had turns on him and did use his body well and was rarely out marked but it wasn’t his usual impact. Only had the eleven pressure acts and two tackles so applying more pressure next week is key for the champion small forward. 


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Tim O’Brien 

TOB was really solid down back when it came to offensive thrusts, with his 13 disposals, seven marks (three contested), three score involvements, 92% efficiency and a goal but got caught out in a few contests. He and Darcy Fogarty had a good tussle for a good stretch and he wasn’t disgraced by any means. 


James Cousins

Was subbed out in the last but was yet another midfielder who hand-balled more than kicked (seven kicks and 11 handballs) but had a handful of tackles, which was pleasing to see. Looked a yard behind at times and had four clangers. 


Liam Shiels

Pup struggled on Saturday and was one of the reasons the Hawks midfield looked a fraction one paced. 16 touches was his day with six inside 50’s, three tackles and three score involvements. He also did have 81% efficiency and 293 metres gained which is handy. 


Kyle Hartigan

Leigh Matthews’ old sentiment when he was coaching Brisbane rings true about Hartigan; ‘things are never going better or worse than you think they are’ and that is the case with Hartigan. Taylor Walker kicked four but got two from blocks that can hardly be Hartigan’s fault but his ball use wasn’t good at all. 14 disposals at 71% efficiency with five marks (two contested) was okay but Adelaide’s talls kicked eight of their 16 goals. 


Jacob Koschitzke

Kosi nailed his first set shot of the night and a ray of hope that the ‘lean back’ was just a fad but his next shot was more of the same. His aerobic work, endurance, pace and defensive pressure for a man his size are fantastic but we as fans are praying beyond belief that he can finish his own good work. Three score involvements, three tackles and three marks (two contested and one on a lead where he triple faked his opponent) are a tick but he did struggle to establish himself in the contest for long periods. 


Dylan Moore

This man is having an unbelievable season, goodness us. Kicked 1.2 and if he had’ve converted, could give the Crows a run for Brownlow votes. However, 25 disposals (ten contested), nine score involvements, five marks, three tackles, three inside 50’s, 72% disposal efficiency, eleven pressure acts and 280 metres gained earns Dylan the Talking Hawks Best On Ground. 


Ned Reeves

We love the fact that big Ned plays within his limitations and doesn’t try to do much. He’s a ‘contest first and disposal second’ style of old fashioned ruckmen and we are here for it. 24 hitouts, a couple of clearances, three marks (including a beautiful contested mark) and four tackles (Hawthorn has a tackling ruckman, you beauty) was the big man’s night and he could be scary in 2022 with a big preseason. 


Denver Grainger-Barras

Our man didn’t have the greatest output disposal wise with just seven touches but three tackles (including two really good chases) and three rebounds are solid. On the Fox Footy coverage, Dermie loves him. He’s got four games to finish off his debut season and keep showing us what he’s got and what he’s got looks pretty damn good but wasn’t his day. 


Tyler Brockman

Had a bit of an ‘almost’ kind of day with his six touches that went with three score involvements and a couple of inside 50’s but it wasn’t a big game from him. Does get to plenty of contests and competes hard and against Brisbane next week, Starcevich will get Breust so he will be a vital cog. 


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