Talking Hawks invite you to join us and sponsor Hawthorn Players in 2023!

Join Talking Hawks and sponsor Hawthorn Players with us in 2023! 

Sponsoring Denver Grainger-Barras, Jai Newcombe and Jas Fleming!

Jai's message to
Talking Hawks!

Who are Talking Hawks?

We are here to connect Hawthorn fans, share our passion and enjoy intelligent footy conversation.

Enjoy some of our interviews on YouTube with Jai, Denver and Jas to get to know these young guns a little more.

Click to donate and join us in sponsoring them through 2023.

Why are Talking Hawks doing this?

We want to put some money back into our beloved club.  By supporting young players it gives us as fans that little bit more to cheer on through 2023 and you can feel good investing in the Hawks’ future success.

We welcome back those that have been part of our player sponsor group in the past, and are giving a few more the chance to join the Talking Hawks inner sanctum. This is a chance for some to sponsor a player for the first time and you’ll have a chance to join us at a Hawthorn game, functions and much more.

You all set? Let’s do this!

Join our small group of fans and sponsor players in 2023 by clicking the donate button.

You will receive a receipt when you donate.

mycause takes a small portion of donations or help Talking Hawks and the Hawks by nominating to pay that.

Follow the fundraising progress at mycause.

We use mycause, a leading Australian fundraising and crowdfunding platform.  This handles all donations and provides tracking and transparency for all funds donated.

Share on social media after donating in mycause and let other Hawks mates know you’re getting behind Jai, Denver and Jas.

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with Hawk passion!

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with Hawk passion!

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